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The study of time-keeping motivated skilled artisans.

The clocks that interest me are mechanical. For example, spring wound or weight driven clocks with gears, known as wheels reveal the detailed engineering and science that changed the industrial world. On the other hand, you do not visualize that in the modern day electric or quartz movements. Historically, the mid 1700’s defined the science of time measurement as horology and by the early 1800’s the word was in use. Since the study of time-keeping motivated skilled artisans, they honed their skills to develop better machines to measure time. In the beginning a gong or bell alerted the community when it was time to rise, work, and for events. As attention to time drew, clockmakers added an hour hand and later a minute hand to be more specific.

Time Measuring Motivated Skilled Artisans
Time Measuring Motivated Skilled Artisans to Craft Black Mantel Clocks

The appreciation for time measuring was multicultural

The French, English, German, and American clockmakers of the 15th through early 20th centuries were master craftsmen, skilled many trades. Expertise in wood, metal, science and design produced mechanisms to tell time and showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of their time period. Later during the 19th century the focus shifted from custom, commissioned works of art to more practical clockworks. Meanwhile, the machine age spurred mass production with standardized parts. These time-saving methods and materials made clocks more affordable for the public. Over the many decades since the post-war periods, technology has developed superior accuracy in quartz movements and the atomic clock. Yet there are interest groups, guilds, and societies dedicated to raising awareness and preserving the art and science of appreciating traditional time pieces.

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