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Designer Leatherworks handcrafts with tradition

Of the two Companies this website represents one is Designer Leatherworks, featuring custom guitar straps of the brand, CT Music Straps. For years the I designed and hand made highly customized, commissioned projects per the customer’s specifications. Recently, we changed the direction to continue to do only select custom-made-to-order, bespoke leather items. Moving forward, our main focus will be hand crafted production according to our own style. Designer Leatherworks handcrafts with tradition. Using time-tested methods and materials ensures quality and long term functionality. Crafting by hand takes time to produce a functional article of of high quality with aesthetic characteristics . Let us consider historical examples of leatherwork.

Designer Leatherworks handcrafts with Tradition
Designer Leatherworks handcrafts Custom Instrument Straps with Tradition

Traditional Leather workers custom handcraft items to fit individual needs

Ever since man’s creation, families and civilizations skillfully produced articles adorned with artforms symbolic of their culture and religion. Artisans crafted garments, and tools with meaningful designs. Historically leather workers custom fitted items by hand to the individual who used them. This was especially important in making saddles to fit the horse and rider. Cobblers made shoes to fit individual feet and later molds were constructed to save time. Centuries before the sewing machine, hand stitching methods such as saddle stitching assembled leather pieces. Though hand stitching is a very strong, tight and high quality method, it took longer, and cost the customer more.

Machinery standardizes the manufacturing process, while Designer Leatherworks handcrafts with tradition

The introduction of the sewing machine enabled workers to assemble leather products much faster, thus lowering the price of an item. In addition, manufacturers developed machinery with cutting dies to standardize their process, save time, and produce more product. Of course, Designer Leatherworks has never used a sewing machine to date, due to our high end custom commissions, often with embellishments. But there is room for both and some businesses we collaborate with machine stitch their product, just as we continue to hand stitch and custom make items for special fit and application. Designs that include special tooling or effects might be hand-stitched. Rhinestone embellishments are often hand-set to avoid damage to the crystals.

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